YMC Short Story Competition 2018

“I’m interested in people who aren’t the lucky ones, who maybe have a tougher time surviving, and telling their story.”

This quote is the theme of our Short Story Competition.

The stories may range from New York street kids to tattooed Tokyo yakuza and motorbike gangs to circus performers. But they can also be about those every-day heroes we often tend to overlook.

The man next door, with the watery eyes; that girl we got a glimpse of at the tram; the mother of our classmate with the carefully concealed bruise on her face…after all each one of us has a story to tell…

  • Entries are to be sent by email to: YMCgreece@gmail.com
  • Please format your email subject line as follows: ‘Competition Entry – Your Name’.

More info: https://www.ymcgreece.com/short-story-competition-2018/

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