European Civil Resources Center Network

The initiative “European Civil Resource Centres” (ECRC) aims to facilitate the civil organizations and public institutions in their active participation in forming European policies and decision-making by presenting additional information about the resources and the opportunities offered by the programme “Europe for Citizens”.

Structure of the resource centres:

International Development Alliance in partnership with “European Federation of Mentoring for Girls and Women”, Austria; “Hellenic Regional Development Center”, Greece; “Solis Tuvak”, Latvia; “Butterfly Dreamer Association”, Romania; “Association for rural development”, Slovenia;  Association Center for Civic Initiative, FYROM;  Asocijacija za demokratski prosperitet – Zid, Montenegro; Club for Youth Empowerment 018, Serbia; Udruga za promicanje ljudskih prava i medijskih sloboda, Croatia; Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency, Bosnia and Herzegovina starts the creation of a Network of European Civil Resource Centres. The Centres will be located in 11 European countries and will function as informal civil representations in the following two versions:

A/ Real – the seats and offices of the partner organizations in the corresponding countries:

  • European civil resource centre – main office of IDA Network in Sofia, Bulgaria;
  • National resource centres by location: Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, FYROM, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Latvia, Greece, Austria.

B/ Virtual:

  • European virtual web platform (www. that will have the functions of a coordinational centre among the national civil centres and the corresponding international institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, Council of Europe);
  • 11 national virtual platforms as follows:


Bosnia and Herzegovina:











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