Educators for combating hate speech online: regional training course on Bookmarks

During 10 – 14th of December 2016, Butterfly Dreamer Romania participated to “Educators for combating hate speech online: regional training course on Bookmarks” in Bucharest. The event gathered 35 youth workers, youth leaders, trainers and educators from Romania, Republic of Moldavia and Ukraine. Coordinated by international trainers recommended by the Council of Europe, the course focused on No Hate Speech Movement, its history and structure, as well as Bookmarks, one of the main tools used in trainings and workshops for young people.

The course was organised by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the National Comitee for No Hate speech Movement Romania and the Youth Department of the Council of Europe.

Madalina, participant: ” Most of my work is within the human education and No Hate speech movement frame, so participation to this training course was a great opportunity to meet people passionate about the same aspects as I am, as well as learning more tools to work with in our trainings and workshops. I feel more motivated about this campaign seeing so many people that want to change something in their communities. Human rights education is relevant for today and for all the young people that need to understand their rights and responsibilities, but it is also an important pillar for children and the future generations that will come, so fighting together against hate speech should be an aim of everybody around, willing to make a change. ”


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