I Can Do IT – Kick-Off Meeting


Between 1st – 5th October, Butterfly Dreamer took part in the kick-off meeting of the project „I Can Do It”, that took place in Palermo, Italy.


The project aims to increase the competencies of youth workers, trainers & leaders in their direct work with young people with disabilities. Creation of a meeting and debate space to exchange working methodologies and working tools dealing with the inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities.


Some of the objectives of the project are:
•Equipping youth workers working directly with youth with fewer opportunities with specific skills and competencies on supporting youth social integration initiatives;
•Develop quality standards of services to be provided to participants with disabilities in all youth activities in terms of content, accessibility and methodology;
•Promoting cooperation between social workers, employers, youth workers/leaders to support the integration of young people with special needs and disabled people;


Partners in the project:
Bulgaria – Ida Network, Ecrc Bg, Focus Sistems
Romania – Butterfly Dreamer
Italy – People Help the People
Spain – Amigos de Europa , Incercia Digital
Japan – Ilfa Association
Latvia – Solis Tuvak
Brazil – Orpas

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