The snowball effect for quality press

The snowball effect for quality press: 

EYP educates young media makers on human rights reporting

logo European Youth Press RGBEuropean Youth Press (EYP), in co-operation with the Youth Department of the Council of Europe, is implementing a new project in Strasbourg.

The study session Young Media Makers for Human Rights – Developing Facilitation Skills for Multipliers on Human Rights Reporting was taking place from 1 to 7 November 2015, at the European Youth Center, gathering 19 young journalists and activists from 15 different countries across Europe.

Participants were trained on how to become multipliers on human rights in the field of media, using non-formal education. During the week they were developing training and facilitation skills, while getting more familiar with the No Hate Speech Movement Campaign.

The official opening of the study session took place on 2nd of November in the European Youth Centre Strasbourg. Mihaela Georgescu, the course director and board member or EYP, emphasized the motivation of the European Youth Press to develop such a project, a session that is both needed and relevant for the young journalists who are dealing with human rights reporting.


“We, as EYP, believe that education has a determining role in creating a free and independent press, based on quality as well as balanced and in-depth reporting. This is why we decided to create this project, to train young people on how they can further train others, this way creating a snowball effect”, Mihaela Georgescu explained.

By exchanging their work experience on reporting about human rights education and learning about tools how to deliver this knowledge to others, participants will be prepared to deliver a local event in the framework of the No Hate Speech Campaign in their own country. Furthermore, they will create guidelines for young media makers and multipliers covering human rights.

Ramon Tena Pera, external educational adviser, underlined the important role that young media journalists have in reporting on human rights violations and talked about the connection between the Study Session and the No Hate Speech Movement.

“One of the objectives of this study session is that the participants can leave Strasbourg with an idea of a project that can be implemented in the framework of the No Hate Speech Movement”, he said.

The Director of the European Youth Centre Strasbourg, DSC_0072.1Tina Mulcahy, who also attended the opening of the study session, described the role of the European Youth Center Strasbourg in supporting young people and youth NGO’s in developing projects related to the No Hate Speech Movement. “This is a subject which is very close to my heart. It has just been decided to prolong the campaign for two more years ”, Mrs. Mulcahy confessed.

The opening session was closed by Silja Raunio, part of FEJS and Yle Finnish Broadcasting Company: ”Media education is an important part of today’s education, especially these days when you have all this kinds of social media and when the young people get familiar with the new media at an early age”.

DSC_0084.1During the third day of the study session, the Head of Youth Training Department of the Council of Europe, Rui Gomez, talked about reporting tools for young media makers in the context of the No Hate Speech Movement. He introduced the young journalists to the new priorities of the campaign and underlined the importance of freedom of expression: “Freedom of expression can only exist if people are not afraid”.

In the practical part of the study session, participants will draft and deliver a demo training on human rights reporting, that will give them the ground for implementing a workshop in their countries upon return. Throughout the entire planning and implementation phase of these projects, the team of the European Youth Press will act as consultants and support.

The European Youth Press (EYP) believes in a free and inclusive society that upholds human rights, where unbiased, well-informed and mindful media makers and activists, along with independent and professional media empower and inspire the engagement of well-informed citizens. The organization achieves this by building and supporting a network of young media makers with 26 member organisations, gathering over 60,000 young journalists across Europe.


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PRESS RELEASE – The snowball effect for quality press




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