The Network

Butterfly Dreamer Network

Butterfly Dreamer Network is a global network of more than 35 non-governmental organizations, located in Europe, Asia and South America.

Our mission is to educate and inspire individuals for a positive change in society. We foster and promote personal and professional development of young people. Our work is driven by a passionate belief that each person has a unique value and ability to positively contribute to society.


Our Values

Human Rights  – We recognize and celebrate the authenticity of all people; appreciate diversity and cultivate positive relationships. We address discrimination and violation of human rights by all available means.

Collaborative relationships  – We work with and learn from others who share our vision and mission. We are ourselves in the role of experts, leaders, and learners, and seek collaboration with internal and external groups. We seek to engage partners who share our belief that active cooperation creates a more positive community and leads to social change.

Integrity and transparency  – We seek to do what is right and treat others with honesty, respect, and dignity. We pay attention to transparency based on mutual trust and we communicate our beliefs openly.

Various ways of learning  – We are continuously working on the expansion and broadening of the knowledge and expertise of the network. We are open to new approaches of learning and sharing our resources. We use common sense, solid theory and long term practice as means of learning and developing, and we celebrate the creative process on the way.

Belief in our strengths  – We aim to build further on the existing knowledge of individuals, communities and organizations. In our partnerships we strive for a dialogue based on participation and respect, a dialogue that takes into account the values and ethical principles of the partner organizations.

Support the vulnerable  – The network and its partners aim to ameliorate the situations of youth and maximize the chances for those who are, for various reasons, excluded.

Local needs  – We respond to the local needs of our target groups, partner organizations, and institutions that represent the target groups.

Sustainability – We wish to contribute to community at all levels and develop our projects in a sustainable and consistent way. We take into consideration the long term impact of our actions. We seek to work in cooperation with local, regional, international institutions and communities and we believe in a coordinated and integrated approach.


Topics of focus

1. Children & Youth

2. Communication & Media

3. Education

4. Human Rights

5. Volunteerism