SmartT – Youth Exchange


The youth exchange SmartT took place in Valmoniras, Kekava, Latvia, between 31st July – 9th August 2016. Each partner has send 4 participants and 1 group leader.

The aim of the project was to provide useful tools for European youth in order to develop time management skills. This tools are important in order to achieve an active participation at all levels: educational, personal, professional, cultural and social.


Youngsters nowadays are under a lot of pressure of the family, community, society and even government. Time management is a key to responsibility and achieveing objectives. That’s why skills regarding this issue are essential for their further development.

During this youth exchange, the yougsters have participated to creative workshops, reflection time, outdoor activities, city haunt and much more.


Partners of the project:
Butterfly Dreamer – Romania
IDA Network – Bulgaria
Duzce Il Milli Egitim Mudurlugu – Turkey
Barrier Free Youngsters – United Kingdom
KOM 018 – Serbia
Solis Tuvak – Latvia

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