Skills for Public Speaking

Between 14 and 22 March 2006, Butterfly Dreamer organized the “Skills for Public Speaking” youth exchange that took place in Băile Herculane, Romania.
Nowadays public speaking is so important that it can be considered the deciding factor in many areas such as career development, business growth and even in the relationships with friends and family. It also has the advantage of increasing self-confidence through communication and leadership.
Developed within the framework of Erasmus+ Programme, this project aimed to ensure and increase the skills of public speaking and leadership of youngsters. It has given to young people and to this involved in the youth file the opportunity to develop new skills and competences.
The objectives of the project are:
– To contribute to the social inclusion in 6 European countries by fostering young people’s employment, entrepreneurial and management skills;
– To support the development and improvement of basic and transversal skills of 30 youth leaders and youth workers;
– To develop participants’ skills and competences in public speaking and leadership skills, which will increase their competitiveness on the labor market and their opportunities for employment.
– To develop basic and important skills of public speaking and leadership, multilingualism in all fields of education.

The partners in this project are:
Asociația Fluturele Visător – Romania
Youth Mobilitty Center – Greece
International Development Alliance – Bulgaria
Salamandra Dourada – Portugal
Biedriba “Solis Tuvak” – Latvia
Seiklejate Vennaskond – Estonia

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