Advanced Planning Visit Share and Care

Butterfly Dreamer took part at the Advanced Planning Visit for the Share and Care project that took place in Tibilisi, Georgia, between 7-10 April 2016.
The project that will take place in Kobuleti, Georgia, from the 23rd to the 31th May, 2016 fights against the pessimistic view of the current situation, which leads young people to social exclusion, and presents itself as an opportunity to develop new attitudes, presenting social and business actions that can contribute to change, in time when these are extremely necessary. The project will analyze the sharing movement, called “collaborative consumption (CC)” or “sharing economy” and it will equip youth workers with new tools that will help them to use these platforms in concrete projects at local and international level.
The objectives of the project are to:
•Raise awareness towards CC and promote its idea
•Promote use of CC tools in youth work and create the manual
•Work on and practice the concept of collective sharing,CC, social economy
•Provide creative and innovative tools against the crisis
•Strengthen entrepreneurship, creativity and initiative of youth
•Share the best practices of youth work and NFE
•Promote intercultural exchange, tolerance and solidarity
•Prepare future YE leaders
•Promote Erasmus+ and cooperation

Partners of the project:
Europæiske Civile Ressourcer Center Danmark – Denmark
International center for peace and integration (ICPI) – Georgia
Stowarzyszenie Opus Humanum – Poland
Butterfly Dreamer Latvia – Latvia
“Common Sense” Youth Organization PU – Azerbaijan
“Youth Breath” Youth Support NGO – Armenia
Non-Government Organisation for Disabled People “Rodyna” – Ukraine
Asociatia Fluturele Visator – Romania

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