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Four years ago I started to involve myself in Youth in Action projects. In the beginning I took it like a play where you only travel and meet new people. In the first two projects where I was only a simple participant, it was fun because my only job was to participate.

On my third project where I was participating, I started to understand how it works. I had the opportunity to stay close to the manager of that project, and to help him sometimes with the activities or the organizational staff. And I started to like it.

I did not have the opportunity to stay close to a manager or to manage a project, until last summer, when the NGO I started, won its very first project. The project was called, “Life’s Steps” and it took place in Romania for 7 days. Even though the project was held in August, my real work started early in June because I had to find a good accommodation for the participants, accommodation which had to fit in our budget, to find a catering company, which must made a good food, to buy all the necessary things for the project according to the budget: flipchart paper, pens, glue, different colors and type of paper, and so on. After I bought all the necessary materials, I started to personalize them, with the logo of the project. The name tags contained every participant’s name, country of residence, the name of the project, and the contact numbers in case that they get lost. Every participant received in the first day a file with the schedule of the project, their name tags, a small map of the city where the project “Life’s Steps” took place.

During the 7 days of the project I had to take care of everything. It was not easy, but I enjoyed it because I was doing something that I really liked it. I did not have any problems with the participants because they were young people with not so many special needs. I realized a small connection between me and them, and we are still talking through Facebook.

I managed the logistical part of the project but I participated to the project also. I was a multifunctional person and I really enjoyed it. It is not so easy to manage a project, but if you like what you do, nothing is impossible. I hope that all the participants felt good and really enjoyed the project called ,,Life’s steps”

Hai fi harnic si drum bun.

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