Leaders Need Skills

The TC “Leaders need skills” brought together youth workers trainers and project organizers from different EU countries with the purpose of equipping them with necessary skills to grow as a youth leader, whilst introducing the project method of training.


The project aimed at acquiring new skills and knowledge, professional and generic competencies, which helped them boost self-esteem, learn how to work and improve coaching skills in order to transfer their knowledge and skills to young people. During the week participants had a chance to go through an intensive training in which they tested several practical tools that aim at fostering various skills and abilities such as team work, leadership, coaching skills, effective learning and others.


The Training Course was based on various techniques such as presentations, discussions, role plays, exchange of good practice, and it used several approaches that are all based on participant-centerd methods. The TC was based on project method way of training, which ensured effective transfer of skills between youth leaders.

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The objectives of the training course were:

• To provide youth leaders with the opportunity to exchange good practice and expertise in the field of youth work

• To increase professional and generic competencies of youth leaders

• To introduce the project method way of training to youth leaders, whilst enhancing their coaching skills

• To develop follow-up projects for maintaining and strengthening long term international cooperation and exchange

• To develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people, in particular to contribute to the social cohesion in the European Union.

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The partners were:

The Change is in You –  Bulgaria,  Mladi za Marof –  Croatia, ECRC Denmark  – Denmark, Green Spirit  – Greece, Still Running –  Latvia, Integration För Alla  – Sweden, Istanbul Genclik Girisimi Dernegi –  Turkey

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