Health Academy

“Health Academy”

Butterfly Dreamer took part in the multilateral youth exchange “Health Academy” a project within the Erasmus+ program which promotes healthy lifestyle. The project involved 5 young people from every one of the participating countries: Romania, Greece, Poland, Slovenia and Denmark. Through the activities we tried to connect past with present and future as well and local and global aspects, which goes hand in hand with man and nature-friendly and healthy lifestyle. The main aim is to spread awareness about health concerns while personally making an impact.
During the project, the participants developed a “cookbook” related to healthy food and healthy lifestyle. The youth exchange took place in Rodekro, Denmark, in 7-16 October 2015. The objectives of the project were:
– To involve 25 young people coming from 5 different European countries in activities meant to promote a healthy lifestyle.
– To raise awareness on the importance of having a healthy lifestyle
– To develop a cookbook that can be used at a international level to promote healthy lifestyles.
By the end of project and after, participants presented their awareness on most innovative way they can provide. Perhaps the best way to spread awareness is to take advantage of all the social networking sites which are so prevalent today. Through mediums as simple as a Facebook status, hundreds of people can take note of what others are doing and be inspired to participate as well in future projects.


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