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Butterfly Dreamer  – Karl Popper Debating contest

Don’t hate ! Debate !

The Debate competition “Don’t hate! Debate!” is part of the project “Combat against hate speech through European perspective” supported by “Europe for Citizens” program. The project brings  together young people from 7 Countries to explore the concept of hate speech in different parts of Europe. In the modern era, Internet offers the possibility of young people to be active online and contribute to development of different contents online. Partners in the project are Club for Youth Empowerment 018 (KOM 018), “Opcinska organizacija Crveni kriz Novo Sarajevo” – Bosnia and Herzegovina, “International Development Alliance” – Bulgaria, “Europæiske Civile Ressourcer Center Danmark” – Denmark, “Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency (SPPMD)” – Macedonia, “Stowarzyszenie Promocji Wolontariatu” – Poland and “Asociatia Fluturele Visator” – Romania,

The participants used the Karl Popper debate method. The topics of the debate were:
Freedom of speech is human right.
Drawing an offensive graffiti is not hate speech.
Hate speech should not be sanctioned.
Promoting violence against certain ethnical groups in a song is not hate speech
Violence in cyber space incites violence in real life
Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons are not freedom of expression
Internet is not real life, there is no need to respect human rights there


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