Handicrafts – Youth Exchange


“Handicrafts” youth exchange has taken place in Ramava, Kekava, Latvia between 24 – 30 september 2016. Each partner has been represented by 5 participants aged 18-25 and 1 group leader with no age limit.

The aim of the youth exchange was to introduce different type of national handicrafts prepared by young people, to teach and learn the preparation of other cutures’ handicrafts.

poza-2Through this exchange there have been introduced different cultures’ values to young people and enlarge their understanding of intercultural communication in European Union.


Romania – Butterfly Dreamer
Turkey – E-Genclik Dernegi
Slovenia – Drustvo za razvoj podezelja LAZ
Lithuania – Vsl Vaiku ir jaunimo centras “Dziaugusmo slenis”
Latvia – Solis Tuvak

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