Fight Against Racism in Europe (FARE)

Butterfly Dreamer in partnership with FARE organized what has now become an annual tradition the football tournament “NO to discrimination – Yes to equality!”, in which the youngsters had the opportunity to play football in order to raise awareness about discrimination and equality.

On the 24’th of October there were 7 teams of 6 players that decided to fight against racism and discrimination trough football. All the participants received a certificate that confirms the fact that now they are “players against discrimination”.

About Fare
The Fare network is an umbrella organization that brings together individuals, informal groups and organisations driven to combat inequality in football and use the sport as a means for social change.

Fare’s commitment to tackle discrimination through football’s inclusive power is based on the principle that the game, as the most popular sport in the world, belongs to us all and can propel social cohesion.

Fare combats all forms of discrimination, including racism, far-right nationalism, sexism, trans- and homophobia and discrimination against disabled people.


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