European Voluntary Service – Volunteer 4 Change

Solis Tuvak NGO from Kekava hosted on Romanian volunteer for 11 months, during an European Voluntary Service program. Madalina, a 23 years old social worker decided to volunteer in this program after finishing university studies. During the period spent in Latvia, together with the hosting organization, they prepared and administrated numerous activities; during the first month of the EVS, on the accommodation period, Madalina went on a daily basis to the social care center in Kekava and once a week to the day care center in Daugmale.


During this period she got used with Latvian customs and started to learn the language, in order to develop an easier communication with the locals. 2016 started with a lot of activities regarding youth mobility’s where Solis Tuvak was a partner. The volunteer, together with the coordinator of the Ngo met with every participant’s group in order to discuss logistical manners and prepare for the national night.

For the first Erasmus + deadline, we prepared an youth exchange, SMARTT, which soon was approved, so we started the preparations for our first project as a coordinating organization. The spring was covered by day camps and organizing and preparing summer camps. At the beginning of the summer, day camps and summer camps for children started, on different themes, such as: discovering Riga’s traditions, survival camp, traditional arts and crafts, as well as vocational counselling for a future profession. The camps were a success, and help our volunteer to discover more of the Latvian culture and customs.

During July, August and September we prepared for the 2 youth exchanges we organized, SMARTT and HANDiCRAFTs. While the organization took care of logistical manners, such as accommodation, travel, food, Madalina was in charge of the communication between partners and preparation of activities and materials. The projects were a milestone from both parts, because we learnt how to work better together in a stressful environment, and made the connection stronger. After 11 months, our volunteer is returning home with a lot of new connections, competences, skills and tools for the professional development, as well with a lot of new friends, amazing experience and trust in the future

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