European Youth Foundation


The EYF supports activities undertaken by the following types of organisations and/or networks:

  • international youth NGOs;
  • international network of youth NGOs;
  • regional network of youth NGOs;
  • national youth NGOs;
  • local youth NGOs.


Early beginnings

Pioneer and visionary tool, major contribution to democratic development

  • We supported European co-operation, we focused on multilateral youth activities (participation of youth of many nationalities).
  • We provided financial support to international and national youth activities.
  • We are proud to have made a real contribution towards a closer co-cooperation between Eastern and Western Europe; we believed in the free circulation of people and ideas in Europe.
  • We promoted peace, understanding and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.
  • We encouraged non-governmental youth organisations to work at European level.
  • Initially we had 17 member states.
  • Youth organisations participated in managing the Foundation; governments contributed to its budget.
  • The layers have changed but our core remains the same.
  • We have 47 member countries. We work with countries signatories of the Cultural Convention (47 member countries + Belarus, Holy See and Kazakhstan).
  • Our annual budget is around 3 million Euros.
  • We support 1 project per working day; around 300 grants a year.

For more information, please visit the official web-site of the Programme:

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