Developing Youth Participation Projects

Developing Youth Participation Projects at local and regional level

02 – 10 April 2014, Bran, Romania


Main aim:

The main aim of the course is to facilitate the development and implementation of participation projects at local and regional level by young people already active in local and regional life, inclusion of new and deepening relationship between local authorities and youth organizations.



  • To promote participants’ awareness of the possibilities for developing and promoting contacts and co-operation between young people and their organizations, and local and regional authorities;
  • To increase participants’ competences for developing and implementing local and regional level projects for young people, in co-operation with local and regional authorities;
  • To explore the nature of youth participation and instruments for its promotion among groups of young people who usually have fewer opportunities to be active in civil society or youth activities at local and regional level (for example, minority youth, socially disadvantaged young people, etc);
  • To develop participants’ understanding of the relationship between concepts of citizenship, participation, democracy and civil society in order to better identify suitable approaches to the promotion of youth participation at local and regional levels.



Venue: Bran, Romania

A wonderful Romanian mountain resort nestled in breathtaking scenery, offering excellent conditions and an abundance of outdoor activities.









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