Butterfly Dreamer Annual Meeting

Anual Meeting

From 18 to 20 May 2016 in Brussels, Belgium, Butterfly Dreamer organized the first Annual Meeting of the Butterfly Dreamer network.
The meeting was scheduled in order to discuss the following aspects of the network:
–        The networks vision, mission and its objectives
–        To decide the network’s structure
–        The roles of the organizations in the network
–        The leading structure and leading partners
This meeting allowed the organizations of the network to gather in one place and get to know each other which allows a better communication within the network. This aspect also allowed the organizations of the network to share new ideas with everybody in a much easier way.
The organizations that took part to the meeting were:

  • Opus Humanum
  • Butterfly Dreamer Portugal
  • Butterfly Dreamer Italy
  • People Help the People
  • Butterfly Dreamer Belgium
  • Salamandra Dourada
  • Amigos de Europa
  • Municipality of Lucena
  • Youth Mobility Center Greece
  • Noble Aims Welfare Association Pakistan
  • International Love For All Japan
  • Butterfly Dreamer Romania
  • Butterfly Dreamer Bulgaria
  • European Civil Resource Center Denmark
  • Youth Mobility Denmark
  • Connected Elephant
  • Epeka Slovenia

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