Being a volunteer

For me, being a volunteer is the best opportunity that I got in my entire life so far. I remember that a few years back, when I first heard about voluntary service I looked at it as nothing more than a working for free. Basically, just a waste of time.
I can’t put my finger exactly on the time I started voluntary service, but I can say that I got interested in certain domains and I started by helping around, with the opportunity to apply things that I’ve learned about. Then I realized what an opportunity volunteering really is and now, when I look back before I’ve started to be a volunteer, I realize that actually, thanks to my way of thinking, I’ve wasted all that time for nothing.
Now, I am proud to call myself a volunteer! Why? Well, there is more than one reason for this, but I guess that first of all is the fact that it helped me a lot on a personal level by showing me ways that I haven’t imagined before. It also helped me develop as a person and I can say that in a short period of time, I’ve learned a lot of new, interesting and useful things. Even if some activities are repetitive sometimes, it’s never the same and you find something new every time; sometimes, just the way you look at an activity or a task s enough to make it feel it that way and to have something new to get out of it. I think that it’s amazing to realize that you can do whatever makes you happy and actually make a difference by doing so.
Before I started voluntary service I didn’t had too much courage to take challenges, but now, I think that every challenge is an opportunity to grow and overcome your limits; and in every challenge lies the opportunity of learning something new that can help you later on, or maybe not, but even so it can be something interesting and fun and I think that the satisfaction you get out of this is priceless and immeasurable.
Looking back at myself before becoming a volunteer, and looking at me now, I realize that in one year I’ve developed more skills than ever. Not only that, but I’ve learned to be more optimistic now and I believe that one of the most important things in life is to do from the bottom of your heart, everything you do!

Rasmina Duma

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