Butterfly Dreamer’s goal is to prepare, promote and implement community at all levels, projects for the development of educational activities, upgrading local community, youth, social, community development, infrastructure, agriculture and obtain necessary internal and external funding in their progress.

The main objective of the association is targeting the local community in terms of cultural, artistic, religious, infrastructure, education, education, youth, research, physical education, health, environment, economic and social development, defense and promotion of the professional or business.


The objectives of the Association are:

  • Improve quality of life due to the implementation of community projects for the local community ;
  • Support increased operational and financial performance of the autonomous bodies and companies providing local public services.
  • Developing institutional capacity of local government ;
  • Develop initiatives and public-private partnerships ;
  • Growth of education in the local community by implementing educational projects ;
  • Organizing seminars, workshops, consulting and market research trainings, workshops and exhibitions.
  • Establishing international and domestic partnerships, particularly with associations that promote the same ideas as Butterfly Dreamer .
  • Affirmation interdisciplinary education and culture;
  • Participation in EU funded projects ;
  • Information on opportunities for international collaboration ;